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This web site deals with the Apocalypse (Revelation) of the Lord Jesus Christ which comprises many particular events of Bible prophecy outlined in the Old Testaments and confirmed and detailed in the New. The only text which points the way and guides guides us is the Bible, the only standard of measurement of God's Revelation to man. No other sources are taken into consideration. World events are examined in light of the prophetic Word of God and not the other way around.
Jesus is returning to rule the earth. The players are all lined up: Israel, Hi Tech cutting-edge technology, earth changes, both physical, cultural and moral, globalism, the Great Apostasy, etc. The world is facing the most tormented and terrible period of time of its history which will catch most people unaware. When it will be over, the earth will be, in all respects, a very much different place than what we know today.
Eschatology, (the study of the end things) is probably one of the most exciting subject to study. It includes the apostasy of present-day Christendom, the Rapture of the Church, the Tribulation, and of course, the appearing of the Antichrist, (the Beast), who, aided by his lieutenant, the False Prophet, will impose the infamous Mark of the Beast upon all mankind (666 (six six six)), the war of Armageddon which culminates with the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ on earth with His Church to establish His everlasting Kingdom upon it.

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