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This website is not associated with any particular denomination, but it is intended as a service to the Body of Christ and as an information medium to those outside the Body.

All articles posted are by site editor Pietro Arnese, unless otherwise noted.

As a rule, updates are posted as needed.

Pietro Arnese, the founder and editor of Apocalypsesoon.org is available for speaking engagements, seminars and addressing church services on Bible prophecy.

Pietro Arnese - apocalypsesoon.org - Pietro Arnese

Born in Italy in 1949, emigrated to Canada, in 1964, I was a wild and rebellious young man who wanted to become a rock star. Moved to Los Angeles to pursue my dreams, but soon enough I found myself wrapped up in "drugs, sex and rock'n'roll" and with no way out.

In point of death due my dangerous lifestyle and practices, and after having tried to no avail all kinds of "religious" help (yoga, zen, esoterism, new age practices, science of mind, etc.) I found out about Jesus Christ as Someone Who really loved me and wanted to give me a new life, free from sin and rebellion. Obviously I had heard about Jesus in my life before that point, but I had never taken my time to consider Him seriously.

What can I say? Since I surrendered myself and my life to Him (1983) it's been the most fantastick time of my life. Not only did Jesus deliver me instantly from drugs and vices and my prodigal lifetsyle, but He also healed my body and my mind. The Lord has truly given me a new life, and today, I am privileged to serve Him as a Pastor of a small Swiss Church.
One thing I do know, that though I was blind, now I see.


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